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San Diego Geriatric Care Management

There are several types of Geriatric Care Management Companies in San Diego. There are multiple models of this unique and important type of care available to elders and their families. It is helpful to know what the choices are.

In San Diego Geriatric Care Management there are at least two important ones: the social service model and the medical model. Depending on your needs, you can find social worker care managers or nurse care managers and sometimes a little of both in the same organization. Some of these care management companies are members of the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers and some are not. All of them should have professional licenses and certifications to prove their core competencies though and don’t feel shy in asking for them.

The other large differentiating factor is whether that care management company provides their own caregivers or if they work with other company’s caregivers, brokering services rather than providing everything themselves “in-house.” I’ve been involved with both models of care management.

What I’ve learned over the past 14 years in San Diego Geriatric Care Management is that no one size fits all.

Some people like the simplicity of the more “integrated model” where care managers and care givers belong to one large umbrella company with consistent training, business practices and performance measures.

Others prefer a “checks and balance” sort of care management where the health and human service professionals act as outside “quality assurance” managers for the caregivers of independent home care companies. This model affords families more flexibility to go outside the limits of a given agency for caregivers if performance or comfort standards are not met. It lends itself to promoting a culture of care where highest standards and best practices are communicated by professionals to (non-medical) caregivers clearly and on a regular basis. Frequent onsite clinical visits maintain a high level of caregiver compliance and best outcomes for your loved one.

Whether you hire a care management company who can provide you with an in-house team or you choose to go with a care management company who specializes in inter-disciplinary, collaborative services there is a good deal of “care coordination” to be done.

Coordinating all the various care providers for your aging loved one is an important job.

This is exactly what San Diego Geriatric Care Management Companies are good at!

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