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Geriatric Care Manager – Podcast with Cindy Hasz

  Cindy joined us in our Carlsbad studio to share her journey of going from nurse to geriatric care manager, […]
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Blessed Are The Lost

A large percentage of the elderly are afflicted with it, but what exactly is dementia? The dictionary defines it as […]
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Aging Bodies Need Comfort Too

Water has figured prominently in my thoughts all week: hot baths, hot tubs, whirlpools, spas and the like. I struck […]
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Standing Tall Amid the Lilliputians of Elder Care

Here we go again. I only played the role of Joan of Arc once and I had to drink half […]
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Consistent Visitors to Nursing Homes are the Heroes

I was at the corner coffee shop yesterday when I ran into a man who I have seen over the […]
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Just To See Him Smile

The first time I was alone with him he scared me half to death. He was a big man, a […]
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When people ask me how being a Geriatric Care Manager differs from being a “regular nurse,” I always think of […]
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A Panic Attack In The Men’s Department

We were in the men’s department when it happened. — a full-blown panic attack while looking at the Tommy Bahama […]
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A Nod To Aging Eros

He loved trains, music, and women mostly women. Age and disability notwithstanding he was still very sensual, always wanting to […]
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Holiday’s Sharp Edges Seem Softer Now

It is at the same time a profound and a silly thing, both theater of the absurd and nursery of […]
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