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"Cindy Hasz was referred to me by an elder law attorney and I engaged her to became my mother’s care expert in what would be the last 18 months of mom’s struggle with Alzheimers. When I first talked to Cindy I could tell I’d found someone who not only understood mom’s disease and home care needs but as a nurse could help our family navigate the medical care minefield for mom that dementia patients have to traverse. Her expertise guided our family in all those ways during those 18 months. Initially Cindy monitored mom’s narrow ability to remain in her home safely. Cindy’s Grace Care staff came to mom’s home daily, prepared her meals, dispensed her meds and assisted mom with her grooming and incontinence issues. When mom could no longer remain at home, Cindy guided us through a circus of transitions from home to ER to hospital to skilled nursing to residential care followed by more hospital, more skilled nursing and more ER events. A number of times Cindy and her management staff were brought in to advocate for mom in order to resolve frustrating physician care issues that neither we her family nor her RCF could resolve on our own. And finally, in mom’s last weeks, and after an increasing number of chaotic trips to the ER, Cindy intervened to obtain hospice nursing for mom after it had been denied because mom had only “dementia” as a diagnosis. Cindy helped Kaiser ER physicians understand mom’s need for hospice. As a result, mom had four weeks of peaceful and excellent hospice nursing care followed by a peaceful death in her own bed with her family and familiar caring residence staff by her side. Mom’s Alzheimer’s journey was more difficult than I ever could have imagined, and having the aid of a certified geriatric care manager like Cindy to assist our family was a godsend. Cindy was always a dedicated guide and mom’s advocate. We were so very fortunate to have found her and I can whole heartedly recommend her and her care staff to anyone."

Kathleen,  Grace Care Client


Kathleen,  Grace Care Client