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Featured Medical Professional: Dr. Michael T. Bowersox, M.D.

Grace Care Management is pleased to feature a close medical associate and good friend, Dr. Michael Bowersox.

With our primary office based out of the Ramona area of San Diego County, we are excited to see Dr. Bowersox launch his new home care based practice which will serve patients in the backcountry and north inland areas of San Diego County.  As Geriatric Care Managers, we work with many homebound patients who benefit from having access to a doctor who will come directly to their home.

Dr. Bowersox has 30 years of medical experience in primary care, having completed his specialty training at the University of California San Diego Medical Center in 1986. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a member of both the San Diego Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Home Care Medicine. Dr. Bowersox is married with three children and has been a long time resident in the Ramona area of San Diego County for 18 years.

Can you tell us about your practice that is launching in April 2014?

My practice will transition from a large Family Practice in a multi-specialty group model to a home care model. My practice will specifically serve Medicare patients, 65 and older who are homebound.  In specific, patients that leave their residences for very short periods of time and infrequently, that would require a considerable and taxing effort to go out.  They usually need the assistance of another person or the assistance of a cane, walker or wheelchair.

I bring the medical office to the residence of homebound patients. I feel communication is important and assess the combined needs of the patient and family. As a member of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, which has been growing over the past 30 years, we help take the office to the patient, and with our affiliates perform limited tests and x-rays right in the patient’s home.

How does your practice differ from a concierge practice?

Rather than a concierge practice where a physician is retained for a fee, I will see and bill patients on an as-needed basis. My style is to listen and meet each patient’s needs on an individual basis. I will not provide emergency services or inpatient care.

What benefit do you see in working with a Geriatric Care Manager?

I see great importance in working with professional Geriatric Care Managers to help provide quality care to my patients and their families.  They serve as trusted communicators and patient advocates.  I enjoyed making house calls over 30 years ago when I began my career and see the growing need for these services in the future as well.

I will need skilled Geriatric Care Managers, like Grace Care Management, to work alongside me as support in order to give my patients the attention they require as their needs change over the years.

What areas in San Diego will you service?

I plan to serve Ramona and Inland North San Diego County.

Are you accepting new patients and how can you best be reached?

I am accepting patients now for April 2014 consultations. Once established, patients are seen as often as needed for their personal health.

I can be reached for a consultation at (858) 243-2851.

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