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Alternative Therapies

Coconut-Oil-Picture-300x224Degenerative neurological diseases are without a doubt some of the most disturbing and common afflictions of aging. Many of our clients, patients and their families suffer from them. Our passion at Grace Care is to manage, mitigate and alleviate when and where possible the difficult symptoms that impact all involved.  While great hopes are placed on new therapies being researched by “Regenerative Medicine” studies all over the world, at this point there is still no cure for things like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Doctors design dynamic and customized care plans using the latest pharmaceuticals and various emergent technologies to achieve the best possible quality of life for these patients.

Recently more physicians and patients are using what is known as complimentary alternative medicine or “CAM” to round out their tool kit of helpful interventions for these difficult diseases. Among these would be acupuncture, neurofeedback and dietary/nutritional techniques to name a few.  One thing we find interesting is the research and growing anecdotal evidence mounting on the benefits of “Coconut Oil” in not only Alzheimer’s Disease but other degenerative neurological diseases as well. Apparently it’s the ketones and the medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) that have a beneficial effect on our neurological systems. This UC article explores that nicely.

While innovative research of all kinds accelerates and newer, better medications come online to treat these difficult diseases, patients and families dealing with these devastating neurological challenges must never lose hope. Some of the most powerful healing biological processes in our bodies are mediated through the power of love and friendship. All the medications in the world do not have the profound therapeutic effects of knowing you are unconditionally loved and accepted. The most powerful infusion on earth is the knowledge that someone will be there for you when you are most vulnerable and need help. That alone is healing on the deepest level.

As a Geriatric Care Manager in San Diego, I have personally seen this miracle of hope and life restored with many of our patients over the years. Men and women who’d received a withering clinical diagnosis have literally come back to enjoy real quality of life with skilled and consistent medical care combined with the faithful love and affection of family and friends.

As often as the term “degenerative” is used in my world, I love to use the term “regenerative” in regards to restoring lives.  May we all remain open to anything that will benefit our patients.  From the most advanced pharmaceuticals and biologicals to the simplest yet most mysterious of interventions; the healing power of God’s presence as it presents itself to us in relationships.

Written By: Cindy Hasz LVN, CMC, Geriatric Care Manager

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