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Geriatric Care Management and the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

Our Geriatric Care Management practice works with increasing numbers of brain injury patients. This past Saturday I attended a San Diego Brain Injury Foundation seminar and hearing the stories of various people present who recounted their stories really touched me.

Several stroke victims shared their struggles and achievements. One young man, a traumatic brain injury victim, shared his journey with us and in the presence of these very brave souls, I felt humbled and inspired.

According to San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, brain injury affects over two million people each year. These injuries occur every 23 seconds. Over 11,000 people-survivors and family members- are affected by brain injury each year in San Diego County.

The causes of brain injury include: motor vehicle accidents, military related injuries, falls, sports injuries, industrial accidents, strokes, aneurysms, tumors and illness.

Geriatric Care Managers work with brain injury patients to support their home care, their medical care plan and their rehabilitation goals. We function like coaches and personal advisers to both patient and family. Unlike home health which can only visit the brain injury patient for a short time post discharge from hospital, Geriatric Care Managers are in for the long run.

There is so much support available for those in San Diego recovering from brain injury. Call SDBIF or visit their website at for more information.

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