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Cindy Hasz Featured in a New York Times Article titled “A Quiet ‘Sea Change’ in Medicare.”

Grace Care Owner and Geriatric Care Manager Cindy Hasz recently interviewed with the New York Times for their  March 2014 “New Old Age Blog.”

The story is about how our elders can get more therapy now post hip fractures and strokes etc. because of a recent class action lawsuit that opens access to extended therapy. The change centers around easier to meet criteria in Medicare law. The status quo is that our elders get very little therapy and are left with far less functional mobility that they could have if given a little more. Sometimes it makes the difference between walking, or not, ever again. Between living well another few years, or an early decline.

Medicare Policy Manuals Updated: “Improvement Standard” No Longer Applies

On Friday, December 6, 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revised the Medicare Policy Manual pursuant to the Jimmo vs. Sebelius settlement.  The text of the Medicare Policy Manual update may be found here.

Top Ten Red Flags to be Aware of in Nursing Homes

The brand new article written by Cindy Hasz, CEO and Founder of Grace Care Management, about what to watch out for in nursing homes so you ensure your loved ones are well taken care of.

Center for Medicare Advocacy: Information on Skilled Therapy Services

Your loved one and clients, who need skilled therapy to maintain their mobility, cannot be denied continued skilled therapy services due to imposition of the failure to improve standard. So says the Center for Medicare Advocacy citing case law settled the beginning of 2013. Please check this out as it may be critical to getting your loved one the continued therapy they need.