Featured Businesses

Featured Medical Professional: Dr. Michael T. Bowersox, M.D.

Grace Care Management is pleased to feature a close medical associate and good friend, Dr. Michael Bowersox. With our primary […]
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Featured Business: Matthew Audia and Audia Physical Therapy

Matthew Audia is a concierge physical therapist, who provides a uniquely skilled level of physical therapy to help patients with […]
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Featured Concierge Medical Practice: Stuart B. Kipper, M.D. & Associates

Grace Care is excited to feature Dr. Kipper’s ¬†concierge medical practice this month.¬† We think very highly of Dr. Kipper, […]
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Featured Business: Phil Lindsley and the San Diego Elder Law Center

  Every month Grace Care features a local business that we highly recommend in the community. Each article will include […]
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